Health Care in Mexico is Essential

Mexican ambulanceNo matter which country you are from, your national health care coverage will not be accepted in Mexico.  In order to have international health care coverage, you will need to purchase a separate medical travel policy or long term major medical policy because Mexico does not have any reciprocal health care agreements with any other country.

In Mexico, all doctors offices and hospitals require proof of insurance or payment by credit card or cash before treatment.   Although health care is significantly less in Mexico than in other countries, costs can add up quickly and without insurance, you will need enough cash or a credit card with a high enough limit to cover the bill.  The danger of this while traveling or living abroad lies in catastrophic illnesses and accidents that may require an expensive hospital visit or stay.

A routine doctor visit and many prescription costs are pretty low in Mexico and will not affect your budget much.  It is the serious illness or accidents that you want insurance for.  Common carrier airlines will not always fly you back home if you are not stable enough to fly.

The bottom line is that you want a health care advocate and protection in a foreign country.   Our international health care policies provide 24 hour access to bi-lingual health care representatives who will help you locate the closest hospital, discuss symptom and treatment options with local doctors and make the claim process simple.   You may log in to your account anytime to see your claim payment status or ask coverage questions.

You have worked hard to realize your dream of living internationally.  Protect your health care and your investments.