Re-Energize With Meditation

Meditation can help calm your mind and your nerves, however, sitting in meditation can be challenging.  While trying to clear your mind, you may feel anxious that you are not attending to your busy day.  Your mind may wander and your feet may fall asleep but with continued practice, meditation does get easier.  In fact, it can help re-focus your mind so that you process information more efficiently to make better decisions.
Meditation has both short and long term benefits to brain function by actually thickening the insula, the part of the brain that links the emotional center to the thinking center.  Meditators are more equipt to control their internal psychological
and physiological responses to stimulus, or the ‘fight or flight’ response, and are able to make better decisions in times of stress.
Yoga is a great warm up to meditation because exhausting your physical energy makes calming your mind a little easier.
Simple Strategy
In a quiet area, sit on the ground or floor in an upright, relaxed position.  Make sure that you have some padding below your ankles such as a towell or yoga mat.  Rest your hands on your knees.  Facing your palms up means you want to accept energy from the universe, facing your palms down means you do want to deflect outside energy.
Close your eyes, your mouth, and bring your attention to breathing through your nostrils.  Without breathing too deeply, focus on the sensation of pulling air into your lungs through your nostrils, and the cool air.  Maintain your attention to each breath.  If your attention wanders, notice the distraction, and bring your thoughts back to your breath.  As you practice this, you will notice that your ability to focus on your breath lengthens.  Eventually, you will be able to let go of even this thought.
Make Time To Practice
If possible, schedule in meditation just like any other appointment.  I am  a licensed international health insurance agent, living in Tulum, Mexico, who practices meditation twice a week, for 30 minutes each session.   I have a standing “appointment” every Tuesday and Thursday evening to meditate which helps me maintain my practice.