A Big Move Requires A Few Deep Breaths

Moving can be exciting and over-whelming at the same time.  Deciding which items to take with you, which ones to sell or donate, packing boxes, arranging for a truck and potentially a storage unit, while also juggling your change of address forms, work and maintaining some sort of family life, is a lot to juggle.  All this added stress can take a toll on your mind and your body.

When we have this kind of schedule on our plate, we can often forget to eat, let alone fit in exercise.  Existing on adrenaline, caffeine and take out is no way to live for long for as soon as the rush is over, and the adrenaline subsides, the aches and pains settle in.

When you are in the middle of a move abroad, try to keep the big picture in mind, and keep yourself organized with lists.  If things do not work out as planned today, add it to the list for tomorrow. Let’s face it, the list will never be completely crossed off so what was not accomplished today can be on the agenda for tomorrow.  The most important thing to take care of is your health during this time.

It is especially important to watch your diet during a move.  Try to cut out sugar and purchase healthy snacks that are easy to grab but nutritional.  Greek yogurt, almonds and almond butter, apples, cottage cheese, pre-cut veggies and bags of salad are some great, easy meals that include protien and nutrients.  To reduce caffeine, make sure you buy some bottles of mineral water that you can add a squeeze of lime to for a refreshing boost.

Getting to the gym may be a stretch during this time, but there are exercises you can do at home, for just minutes a day, that will help relieve tension and increase circulation.  While you are doing these quick exercises, take deep long breaths to further improve circulation and help clear your mind.

With a clear mind and relaxed body, you can look more clearly at your list, stay focused on important tasks, and sleep more soundly knowing you did the best you could do today.  Mañana is another day!