How Will Medical Travel Insurance Help Me Abroad?

Most travelers assume their domestic medical insurance will cover them abroad. However, domestic coverage is not designed for international travel. Without realizing it, you could be putting your health, and that of your family, at risk by traveling abroad without coverage.

Our international medical travel insurance will protect you and your loved ones in any foreign country.  From beginning to end, we will help you through your health care needs.  We can make recommendations to the closest medical facility, coordinate treatment and billing and explain the simple claim form process.   Bi-lingual health care specialists are happy to help you translate your needs to the coordinating hospital.  Here are just some of the benefit details:

Extended Benefit Period When Necessary

The benefit periods are the dates you enter as your vacation dates plus a six month “Benefit Period”.   If a covered injury or illness requires continuing treatment in the U.S. after the period of coverage expires, the six month  “Benefit Period” may provide continued coverage. When the health insurance certificate expires, the underwriter, IMG, will review the date of initial treatment for the covered injury or illness. If treatment began less than six months before the Period of Coverage expired, benefits for the covered injury or illness will continue subject to the Maximum Limits and the other terms of the plan until there have been six months of continuous coverage of the covered injury or illness.

What Other Items Do the International Travel Medical Plans Offer?

The International Travel Medical Insurance Plans are primarily centered around medical emergencies in foreign countries.  However, there are some other benefits included such as evacuation in the event of a political evacuation or an act of terrorism, emergency medical evacuation coverage, emergency reunion of family member coverage, return of mortal remains, return of minor children to the U.S. in the event they would be left unattended, and identity theft assistance.

How To Enroll

To enroll for International Travel Medical Insurance, simply fill out the application on-line.   The application is straight forward and fast!  IMG normally processes application forms within 24 hours of receipt, and coverage begins immediately.   As soon as you are approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you which will have all of your links to download necessary forms.

How Do I Get My ID Cards and Claim Forms?

If you enroll on line, you may download your fulfillment kit when it is emailed out to you upon approval.   The fullfillment kit will include an IMG Identification Card, IMG contact numbers, Claim Forms and your Insurance Certificate providing a complete description of your rights and benefits under the contract.

How Do I Submit a Claim?

You have up to 90 days to submit your claim after the date of your doctor visit abroad.   If you paid out of pocket at the hospital, you simply include all of your receipts with your claim form and fax, email or mail them to IMG.   Claims are paid promptly upon receipt.