Emergency Evacuation Membership Policy

Small MASA LogoOur Emergency Evacuation Membership addresses medical emergencies for people located in Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and the United States.
MASA is not a health insurance agency, so no physical or underwriting is required.  MASA understands that U.S. insurance companies do not cover you while you are in a foreign country and that treatment costs abroad can add up under certain circumstances even when health care costs are lower internationally.
A lot of expats and retirees who split time between countries may have health insurance in their home country (i.e. Medicare), but not abroad.  MASA Assist can help get you to the nearest available hospital in the U.S. where continued domestic care can presume with your insurance.  For Canadian citizens, MASA will take you to the nearest Canadian treatment center where your national insurance will cover you.
MASA will safely help return you to the U.S. or Canada  AFTER  you have been admitted to a foreign hospital long enough to be deemed stable enough to fly.  Your diagnosis of being stable enough to fly would come from the attending doctor in the foreign facility coordinated with the MASA attending doctors.
Once you have been deemed healthy enough to fly, MASA will arrange for ground ambulance to the nearest airport, for you and one significant other (spouse, friend or family member), from the foreign hospital  to the nearest available treatment center within the U.S. or Canada.   If you are healthy enough to withstand a flight to your home town hospital, that may be an option.  Each circumstance is unique.If you are being flown to a hospital in the U.S., the doctors in your foreign country and MASA will coordinate your arrival into the U.S. hospital so the hospital is ready for your arrival.

If it turns out that your health care requires extended treatments and hospital stays, MASA will then take you from the U.S. hospital that was nearest treatment and get you and your loved one to your home town hospital so that you may be near family and friends who can support you during your extended recovery.

Platinum Membership Qualifications

  • Must have a U.S. / Canadian address ( P.O. Box is acceptable) or address to repatriate too
  • Will not fly eminently terminally ill patients.  Must be healthy enough to withstand the flight
  • No Age Limit
  • No Health Underwriting
  • Services Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States
  • Ground Ambulance Transportation to nearest airport
  • Organ Retrieval
  • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • Recuperation/Repatriation to nearest available hospital
  • Escort Transportation
  • Mortal Remains Transport
  • Family Membership includes husband and wife and any children up to age 23


Platinum Membership Agreement

 Platinum Family Membership $390.00 A Year

Single Membership $290.00 A Year

Areas of Service

All of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), all of Canada, all of Mexico, the whole Caribbean (excluding Cuba), Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos.

MASA’s Aircraft Medically Equipped

MASA’s aircraft are located throughout the world but especially in the western hemisphere.   All MASA aircraft are medically equipped and depending upon the medical requirements of the individual member/patient, appropriate medical personnel will accompany the member on the flight free of charge.

Your attending physician and MASA’s medical director determine when you will be flown and to the appropriate hospital.   You must be checked in to a local hospital to be stabilized for the first 24 hours.    Once the decision has been made that you are stabilized, MASA takes charge of all the details and expenses.

MedFlash Program

Platinum members may also participate in the MASA MedFlash Progam. MedFlash is a USB flash-drive that stores a member’s medical history.  Designed to hang conveniently from a key-chain, the information in the emergency medical record (EMR) storage unit is immediately accessible by the treating physician or the member’s advocate in a medical crisis.  If the member misplaces, loses, or even forgets the flash-drive when traveling, there is no need to worry.  At your request, MASA can also access that information and communicate directly with your healthcare provider in a medical emergency.


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More Features: 

  • NO deductibles
  • NO claim forms
  • NO age limits
  • NO health questions
  • NO dollar limits on air transport costs
  • Even pre-existing medical conditions are covered after only 90 days

Qualified and Experienced

  • ALL experienced medical personnel are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Physicians
  • Trained medical crews stand by at strategic locations across the world
  • A highly trained support staff handles each medical emergency with expertise and care