Average Prices of Dental Care In Mexico

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you may want to think about having some dental work done on your vacation.   You can find quality dentists in Mexico, with excellent training, who charge a fraction of the cost.  Your current health insurance coverage may not cover dental work done in Mexico, and travelers health insurance only covers medical and dental emergencies.  However, with the reduced cost of dental work in Mexico, you will probably pay less than your deductible in the U.S. for the entire bill.

Upon arriving in Mexico, start asking locals for a recommended dentist, preferably one who speaks English.  However, even if your dentist speaks limited English, and you speak limited Spanish, you can generally communicate the issue at hand fairly easily with the help of x-rays and other equipment.  The recommendation of a local dentist is invaluable for quality work you can depend on lasting for years.

For the last few years, I have been living in Tulum, Mexico.  I am lucky and happen to have the best dentist in Tulum working on the second floor of my office building.  Although he speaks limited English, and my Spanish has a lot to be desired, we are able to communicate just fine.

Since I have lived here, I have had all of my mercury fillings removed and replaced with the recent ceramic cavity fillings that are more commonly used today.  For each cavity filling replaced, the cost was $600.00 pesos a tooth, which is equivalent to around $50.00 U.S. dollars, depending on the current exchange rate.  At that cost, I decided to move all of my cavities replaced.

My husband has had cavities filled for the same cost, $600.00 pesos per cavity, and a root canal which also cost $600.00 pesos.  A crown is around $5000.00 pesos, or $450.00 U.S. dollars.  I have heard that my dentist has a reputation for being on the higher end of the price scale, but I do not mind paying more for good work I can depend on.

The costs quoted above are without any dental insurance.  However, if you are just coming to Mexico for a vacation, look into your current dental insurance to see if any dentists in Mexico are included in your plan.  Remember, even if without insurance, a little dental work in Mexico may save you thousands over the course of a year.