There Are Health Benefits To Travel!

Travel should actually be considered a healthy activity since there are so many aspects to travel that engage your mind, body and soul.  The next time you think about buying a new dish washer over taking a trip, consider this:

Change From the Norm – We all know how it is to be stuck in a rut.   Travel offers an escape from the routine and a break up of the monotony.  You’ll do things you don’t normally do while you travel, whether it’s experience new places, try new food or even meet new people.  Having to navigate your way through a foreign country challenges your brain too as you try to navigate buying groceries, finding a good place for lunch and counting your pesos!

  • More Exercise – Even if your trip doesn’t include heart-pumping activities like hiking Machu Picchu or skiing Vail Colorado, the distance you walk on a day to day basis while you are traveling is sure to be greater than normal.  Whether you are exploring the halls of a museum or climbing the stairs of a Mayan Ruin, you’re sure to get an extra dose of walking….and all that walking helps burn off all the new yummy food you get to try!
  • You Get Out – In any trip you are more likely to be outside longer than usual. Whether you’re taking the kids to Disney World or retreating to the Maldives Islands,  just walking between destinations and being outdoors offers plenty of health benefits. Not to mention all the D-vitamins you’ll soak up from the sun, as long you protect yourself accordingly.
  • Reduces Stress – Chronic stress does a number on your health.   It can cause a number of different diseases and have a negative impact on your immune system.  It’s pretty difficult to be stressed while you are watching a sunset in Tulum, Mexico or drinking wine in Paris, France.  The stress you may take on by trying to navigate your way through an airport or figure out the exchange rate is a different type of stress.  Stressors that force you to think outside the box are actually good for you while stress from worrying about getting the stain out of your rug is a negative stress.

The positive affects travel can have on you will last for months after.  Travel can broaden your world and help you to think differently about things.  The memories travel can create will last a life time.  So treat yourself to the trip of your dreams.  What are you waiting for?