Don’t Let This Happen To You

Although the costs of health care in Mexico are significantly less expensive than in the U.S. or Canada, if something major happens to you internationally and you find yourself in a hospital, costs can add up quickly.  As an expat living in Mexico, I have seen the importance of having international major medical insurance first […]

Price Isn’t Everything When Choosing A Health Care Policy

With so many different international health care policies available today, it can be difficult to pick out the best policy for your health care needs.  In combination with all of the different insurance companies offering insurance, there are also many different health care plans to choose from. There are a few important factors to consider […]

Let Your Health Insurance Company Handle the Details While Traveling Abroad

Our International Major Medical Insurance is designed for individuals or families who live or work abroad, contract employees and people with dual residencies.  As long as you reside outside your home country for 6 months a year or longer, you qualify. Your Own Medical Concierge One of the best and unique services our international major medical […]

Selecting A Major Medical Deductible

An international major medical health insurance policy is vital to making sure your medical expenses will be paid in case of catastrophic illness or emergency while living abroad.  However, how do you decide which is better: A low deductible with a high premium or a high deductible with a low premium?  Well, that depends on […]

Is A High Deductible Major Medical Policy Right For You?

Many people planning to retire abroad start saving for self insurance plans.  Although it’s good to have a reserve on hand, major medical expenses can run to such high totals that self-insurance isn’t a reasonable option even for the wealthy.   A high deductible major medical policy can be a good compromise. Benefits of a […]

International Major Medical Coverage

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What Is Major Medical Coverage? Major medical health insurance  offers coverage in the event of catastrophic accident or illness with high deductibles (if you choose) and low monthly premiums. Are Routine Doctor Visits Covered? Yes.  Simply call IMG to pre-qualify your visit, or log into MY IMG, and IMG will contact the clinic or hospital for […]

Health Care in Mexico is Essential

No matter which country you are from, your national health care coverage will not be accepted in Mexico.  In order to have international health care coverage, you will need to purchase a separate medical travel policy or long term major medical policy because Mexico does not have any reciprocal health care agreements with any other country. In Mexico, all […]

Is International Major Medical Insurance Right For You

Major medical health insurance is often referred to as a “catastrophic” health care plan.   The majority of major medical health plans cover expenses for hospital stays, surgery, intensive care, diagnostic X-rays and lab tests.  This kind of international health care coverage is great for seniors who qualify for Medicare in the U.S., but need something […]

ExPat Major Medical Insurance Covers Americans / Canadians Living Abroad

Most U.S. health plans do not cover Americans or Canadians living abroad.  American Insurance for Expats offers a major medical, U.S. style health insurance policy with major differences: Worldwide coverage; medical evacuation options; on-line access to file claims and reach a customer service representatives, 24/7. The typical U.S. managed care network in which you receive a lower […]

A Pre-existing Condition Does Not Mean You Cannot Have Health Insurance

As more and more people are looking to international communities for the lifestyle they want and can afford, international health insurance is playing an important role in determining the ability to make such a move.  However, many people nearing retirement age have concerns about finding coverage if they have pre-existing conditions and have been turned […]